Success Stories

I was Bob Zinsser’s Dales Carnegie Sales Instructor many years ago and now he is helping me at this point in my career. I have benefited from my weekly Dugout Club sessions with Bob and it has given me a new and better approach to engaging my clients. I struggled with getting responses from people and now I have a “New Game”.

Robert Priganc, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
Insurance Professional

I worked with Bob during my days at Univision on Compelling Messaging and developing a Sales Process. The work we did together helped me launch my Marketing Group – JEVCO, focusing on the Hispanic market. I value the time we spent together and the things we worked on. Bob is a good friend as well.

Victor Cora

Robert is an excellent sales leader with vast knowledge and a great communication style… He has superior coaching skills and ability to assess the needs, target market and overall strength of an organization. Robert worked effectively with sales personnel to help them to increase the velocity of their sales cycle, and move prospects from introduction to close.

Barry Turnbull
Senior Business Development Director

When I first called Robert, I thought we had a “sales problem”. Our sales were down and I felt we needed to fix the program we had. With Robert’s help I realized we actually had a problem with accountability and that was leading to lower sales numbers. The solution to our “sales problem” ended up being the several steps Robert developed and integrated for us. It included implementing a Sales Process, Closing Skill Development, Personal Appearance, Cross Selling, and Prospecting. Robert also worked with my front office staff and developed “phone sales skills” for the people on the phone.

Denise Trad-Wartan
General Manager, Certified Operator, ACE-Entomologist

Bob was a great encourager and patient guide for me as he helped me develop sales skills and sharpen the messaging of our company. I grew in confidence and became excited to sell our company’s services, whereas before I was hesitant and rather haphazard about the sales process. Bob definitely helped me unleash a skill set I didn’t have and develop the confidence that I had skills.

Andrew Cardy
Visual Storyteller and Co-Owner

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