Winning in the Sales World

“SEEK THE BEST EXPERTISE” “You can find a range of outside consultants with experience gained from working with many companies in steering executives through the sales transformation process.”

I recently read an article that talked about what things are required to survive in today’s economic environment. I would suggest that these same things are required in a healthy economic environment…. A few things that struck a nerve with me were: First,  Focus your Sales Teams on SELLING. According to The Alexander Group, a typical sales representative spends only 22% of her or his time actually selling. They spend the rest of their time in internal meetings, on administrative activities, and traveling. Do the math and you will discover just how much more sales capacity you will gain by keeping their time focused on selling. Second, Standardize the Sales Process. It helps your organization define, “where are we with this prospect?” Everyone is on the same page and ensures consistency among and between your teams.