Sales Imperatives – Process & Coaching

There are two (2) things that, in my experience, are imperative to having a truly dynamic Sales Group.  Sales Process & Sales Coaching. You must know where you are and where you are going with each and every prospect. If the sales process is aligned with the prospects buying process and is integrated appropriately with sales methodologies and tools, and reinforced through coaching by management, the process is the guiding framework to convert strategy into revenue, in a predictable, consistent and sustainable manner. If win rates are declining, sales cycles are getting longer, there is an inability to leverage and replicate success across the group, and the pipeline is cloudy and ambiguous, you lack a process or you need to fine tune it. In addition to a process, Sales Coaching has been shown to positively impact performance. According to the Sales Executive Council, when coaching is added, sales productivity is improved by 88%, ROI goes up by 27%, and according to Gallup, customer loyalty improves by 56%. Would you like to see this kind of impact on your business?