How To Close More Sales

Building the Right Relationships are Powerful

A gifted salesperson can sell anything to anyone. It is because they are very confident about themselves and know they can charm and intrigue virtually everyone they come in contact with. It is not by touting themselves and bragging about how wonderful they are, but instead by revealing a genuine and unrelenting interest in others. They care about:

  • What makes their prospects tick
  • Why they are passsionate about their work
  • What they value about business, family, life, and friendship
  • Who they are as “regular” people, as opposed to their executive titles
  • What their dreams and goals are

When people recognize that you are truly interested in them, an extraordinary chain reaction occurs. First, they thnk about themselves. Then they think about you, and then they appreciate that you have genuine interest in the traits and attributes that make them unique. They feel engaged. They feel connected to you in a way that no sales manual ever discusses or recognizes. They feel a certain intimacy – that is the most powerful sales builder that can ever be unleased.

 None of this is manipulative. It’s based on a legitimate interest in and involvement with others that build a bridge between you and the prospect or client. A bridge of faith, trust, mutual interests, and even friendship. When you obtain this level of intimacy, you can sell the world and interestingly enough, iot doesn’t come across as “selling” because there is no product or service at the foreffront. Instead, there is personality, an intelligent and compelling human being, developing a bond with another.

How do you know when you have achieved this special status with your customers and clients – A true “Relationship”?

  • They turn to you for advice in issues outside the realm of business
  • Your relationship evolves into a form that cannot be defined by an order or a transaction
  • It is clear to you that the other person truly enjoys your company. Being together transforms from a “have to do” to a “want o do”

My definition of a True Relationship has been, for most of my professional career,  defined as being built on Trust, Credibilty, Expertise, Reliability, and now “Intimacy”.