Why are there so many ads and job postings for a Sales Manager? My guess is that it is due to several things. It starts with the usual path of a Sales Manager getting the job. He or she is the best performing salesperson for the organization and when the position opens up, they are the new manager. First, this not necessarily the best practice. Simply put, just because you are a great sales person doesn’t mean you will be a great sales manager. When and if this doesn’t work out, the company is now searching for a new sales manager. Second, when bringing in a person from outside the organization for the sales manager position, you are taking a big chance that this individual actually can accomplish what he or she says they can accomplish. I propose that an approach could be used to “outsource” the sales manager position and gain several advantages. There is a high degree of accountability without hiring the person, with all the expense, to get the job done. There is then a focus on the sales function, process, and results by the outsourced sales manager’s role, without the company issues that tend to creep into every employee experience. If you have any comments, supporting my theory or presenting your viewpoint, let’s talk.