To All Sales Professionals:
None of us have experienced anything so sweeping as the US Economy “shut down” that we are seeing now. The concerning thing is that it will have long lasting and very detrimental effects on an economy that was very healthy one month ago. What are you doing to prepare for when business, as we know it, goes back to normal, whatever that will look like?
Uncertainty breeds an atmosphere of holding off on doing anything right now. Are you a Sales Professional that is seeing a “wait and see” attitude with your clients who have expressed an interest in moving forward with you and your company’s products or services but have put everything on hold? You can’t do a whole lot about their decision. You can do something to prepare for the time when business gets back to somewhat normal. I’m guessing you have a little bit more time on your hands. What are you doing when you have exhausted all that you can do to move sales forward?
I suggest that you invest some time in sharpening your skills and preparing for the potential new sales environment that we find ourselves in. Will we hold more “sales calls” virtually? How much will our customers be ready to engage face to face after an extended period of “Social Distancing”? Are their tools that we are not familiar with that keep us “In The Game”? Do you need to talk with an independent voice to provide assistance with what you are uncertain about moving forward? All of these questions are real and need to be addressed.
Consider engaging with me and Get In The Game SE for a casual discussion about what is on your mind. I may be able to get your head on straight in this very stressful and uncertain time. Contact me at or call me at 904.472.3706.