I have been very active in Networking for my Business and have learned from the experience and want to pass along some Key Tips & Suggestions.

First and foremost, you need to have a prepared and rehearsed “Elevator Speech” (15 seconds to deliver) that answers the question “what do you do?” It must identify what problems or issues you address with your target market and it’s a great idea to give the definition of your “perfect prospect”.

Make sure you go into the networking function with a goal. Either to connect with 3 or more “good” prospects or referrals or to find another attendee or two that you can partner with based n their product or service.

Once you’ve gathered all your new networking connections, make sure you connect with them one-on-one immediately following the event with some information of value, based on your brief conversation with them, or information on what you can provide to any people they come in contact with.

Networking, in my opinion, is the most targeted way to build your business and connect with people through many eyes and ears.