The question you need to ask yourself is “At what level do I want to play – do I want to wait on the sidelines or do I want to Win?”

If You Want to Win You Got to Get In The Game…..
There are many similarities between success in sports and success in sales, business and life. It’s not uncommon for two athletes with the same talents, skills and abilities to perform at dramatically different levels. One might be an average player while the other is a superstar.
The same is true outside of sports. Oftentimes someone will sell twice as much or make many times the income of others who have the same basic talents and skills. They may also live happier, more successful and productive lives. In fact, the superstars in business and in life frequently have less education and experience than the average performers, and yet they achieve extraordinary levels of success. WHY?
It’s a concept called the “WINNING EDGE” – the basic idea that small improvements in key areas of your business and your life can lead to enormous differences in results. Only small differences separate the superstars from the average performers. Many people play the game but never win. People fail because they don’t do the little things that will give them the edge it takes to win. As a result, they are playing to lose without even realizing it.
You have the potential to play your game at any level you choose. You can sit on the sidelines and watch others win or you can jump in and play with strength, purpose, passion and power. You can be a spectator, or you can be a superstar. Decide to set some goals and stretch yourself. Compete with a burning desire to win.