YOU HAVE SOOOOOO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO Something that I have been saying to many young people

I have experienced the parenting and all that comes with it of three children who are now three very successful young adults with lots of grandchildren that I am enjoying. As I think about it, it has much meaning to many sales professionals that may be getting into sales or current sales professionals that are in the prime of their careers.


A Sales career can be very rewarding, just like raising children that turn out successful. If you take the right approach to taking on the importance of doing a “great” job at making sure your role as a salesperson (parent) you will enjoy the results of your efforts. You have so much opportunity ahead of you that you don’t even realize right now. Just like raising children, you are in for so much work, joy, and challenges that would make the average person weak at the knees.


You are special in many ways, just understand that you have a talent and can shape your career and children in a special way, so look forward to what the future holds and be prepared to do your best.

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