What is “attraction marketing”? There are many experts out there today that can do the definition more justice than I can. To me, attraction marketing is being present in the hearts and minds of your prospective market(s) so that when the time comes, they come knocking on your door. Do you agree?  By definition it is positioning your product or service as something the prospect can’t live without. That may be a difficult task so maybe you want to take the approach in communicating with your prospects on why your product or service is so “attractive” and the logical solution.

 The key is, how do you get to them by attracting their attention and staying in their hearts and minds until they are ready to buy from you? That is indeed the “real” challenge. Here is what I know and what I have seen work. Providing relevant information whether it is in your social media posts, blogs, or website content is vital and keeping your posts consistent over time.

 Don’t post sporadically with long gaps between posts. Write on topics that are of current interest and on the subject(s) you are most familiar with. After you are recognized as someone who can help or engage in a discussion, others will come to you and ask for your help or ideas.

 This is attraction or pull marketing versus push marketing. I think it is a better way to approach building your business and keep current clients engaged with you. Have some fun with it, be different but be positioned as someone who brings value.

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