Whether you are aware or not, I know that a varying degree of Buyer’s Remorse occurs in most large sales. When the contract is signed and maybe some money is exchanged, what is your new customer thinking? Is what I was sold really going to happen? Will it do everything I was told happen and everything promised? What will my experience be now that I have become a customer? Basically, what will happen next?

These are all questions going through your new customer’s mind. What can you do to help alleviate some of those questions? I suggest that you stay close to your new customer and not leave the next steps to someone else or to nothing at all. So, what can you do to keep your new customer from feeling some stress?

 Here are a few suggestions based on your product or service that can help. Communicate often through the implementation or waiting for things to happen. Let them know that you haven’t moved on and are no longer involved with their new customer status. Send them or call them to let them know what is happening on your end. They don’t know your implementation process or next steps with your company and product/service, unless you told them already but, they probably don’t remember at a time when it is important to remind them. Send them testimonials from other customers to assure them that they made the right decision to do business with you.

 Get creative to keep them engaged with you and your company. Send them a Thank You note or gift for being a new customer and invite them to contact you with any questions. Anything that you can think of to alleviate the buyer’s remorse that is going on will help.

 If you would like to discuss other ideas or specifics about your new customer experiences, call me at 904.472.3706 or send me an email robert@getinthegamese.com

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