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“Engage When Your Prospect Is Shopping”

So how many of you spend money to optimize your website or spend money for Google Ads to gain position on searches? Whatever you are doing to drive traffic to your businesses website, what are doing once they arrive? No matter what your business is you need to be present on the world wide web. People shop and check out your business without you even being aware and you need to do whatever you can to optimize your website so people find you. The issue that I see in my work with businesses is that they drop the ball when it comes to engaging people “immediately” when they are on your website. They treat website leads as a “to do” when someone can get to those inquiries or requests for information. When I do an Effectiveness Evaluation with a prospective new client, I always explore what is happening with website inquiries and leads. I rarely get a response that my prospective client is engaging website visitors with a sense of urgency.

Think about the person who is searching for your product or service. They are looking because they need to purchase something or they are gathering information to make an informed decision. The ultimate time to engage them is when they are on your site. Statistics have been published that indicate for every hour that passes from the time someone has visited your website until the time you engage them to follow up diminishes by a factor of 10.

Why would you wait for even a minute to engage a potential new client when technology and services are out there that allow you to engage while to prospective new client is on your website? There are hundreds of “chat services” that are available but I have encountered many that are “not available right now” or are nothing more than a request for information whenever they are able to reply. Consider your presence or lack thereof with engaging visitors when they are “checking you out”.