I have been a Sales Professional for just shy of 36 years and one thing has never ever changed at this time of year and I’m sure you would agree. You have some things to get done and you are trying to finish the year strong but your prospects are “checking out”. At this time of year, and it begins to creep in around Thanksgiving, most businesses are starting to shut down in moving forward with anything and you are receiving a lot of “call me back, let’s pick this up after, we’re not doing anything until after….. The First Of The Year”. It is what it is and you can’t do anything about it – but can you? I suggest that you can and this approach can also be used when you get the response during the year “I’m not ready to address this right now call me back in 3 months”.
What do you do to keep any momentum you have gained to this point alive? Do you sit and wait for the New Year to begin? (from experience it gets off to a very slow start) What can you do to keep “top of mind”, to keep yourself involved with this prospect when they said we’ll pick this up after about 4-5 weeks? Here’s an idea……. There is still a lot of information being published about planning, what the New Year may bring, businesses re-positioning, etc….. In an effort to be a value added resource, you can use this “dead” time of the year to position yourself and maintain your presence by providing your prospects with information that they may find valuable, interesting, or critical as the year winds down. You can deliver this in a number of ways. Email, text, and if you really want to stand out, send a package or card via express mail.
Use this time of year when you are instructed to “wait” to position yourself for the New Year when people pick it back up. Make sure it is viewed as valuable and timely information and not just more junk the prospect has to wade through. If you would like to discuss ideas in this area of “nurturing”, let me know and I’d be happy to help.
To all reading this post, I wish you the very best during this holiday season and for a successful and prosperous 2017. Cheers !!!