Are You Adjusting Your Approach?

With all of the things that I have worked with my clients on over the past 6 years, one thing that needs to take top priority is focusing on how your Sales individuals are positioning themselves with their prospective clients. We all know that the way business searches for products and services that they need, is done by searching the internet for providers first. They can educate themselves about the company, its products and services, and even the people in the organization. If you are no longer needed to provide information or to educate prospects on what is unique about your organization, what is your role? The role of the Salesperson has now shifted to being consultative in nature. How savvy are you in knowing your prospects business, their industry, the issues they are faced with, what topics are the individual’s in that organization weighing in on with social media? For those salespeople that are still approaching their role as an information provider and the only person who can close the business, how’s that working for you? Are you getting appointments with the decision maker? Are your phone calls and emails being responded to?
Your level of expertise as viewed by your prospect is what will set you apart from your competition. If you are seen as a problem solver after establishing yourself as an expert in your and your prospects market, now you have my attention. One more thing that is necessary and has been identified and written about forever is the need to build strong relationships with people. This is not only about being a “people person” (what does that mean anyway?) but involves how you position yourself in the relationship to be a trusted advisor. I will be writing more on this subject and will be sharing some specifics in things you can do and provide in developing that strong business relationship.
If you would like to discuss the challenges you are facing in your role as a Sales professional, I would love to hear from you.
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