THE IMPORTANCE OF “HUSTLE” It Can Be the Difference Between Winning & Losing

You may not know that I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and was a huge baseball fan. Not only did I attend and listen to Pirate games, I did nothing during the summer vacation from school but play some form of baseball. My baseball idol was #21 Roberto Clemente.

With the baseball season winding down, it reminded me to write on this topic. I can still see his “hustle” on the field. Whether he was tracking down a fly ball in the outfield or stretching a single into a double, he made an impact on my approach to everything in my business life and sports when I played them.

 What I have learned is that given two individuals, one that has a tremendous amount of talent and sits back and thinks that he or she will win and one that has talent but has learned that hustle can make the difference, the person with hustle can win. Hustle can be the difference between winning and coming in second or losing. What it comes down to is the difference between showing up and a desire to succeed.

Success is definitely a better position to achieve because there are so many that come in second or fall in the pack of everyone else. I struggled in school and early in my adult life but once I realized I needed to hustle, it made all the difference in my life. I had it in me what I needed to do but once I realized I had to apply it, I saw the difference it made. I can still see Roberto Clemente running the bases with all that he had – Hustle.

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