THE FEAR OF SALES Why are You Afraid?

What causes fear when it comes to Sales. It’s rejection, failure, taking a risk, and in some cases success. These are all natural reactions to entering a sales environment where the outcome is not certain.

 What I suggest is that it is all about managing your fear and taking steps to ensure success or at least minimize failure. Some things that you can do to manage your success are Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), Focus, Imagination, Creativity, Research & Homework, Continuous Learning , Skill Development, and even something as simple as being aware of the fear.

 So, in making the “pitch” in order to gain the sale involves first and foremost, developing your Sales Skills, Asking a Lot of Questions, Explaining things thoroughly, presenting a solid reason for making the purchase. You need to also consider developing Compelling Messages in approaching the prospective sale, follow up if a sale does not occur initially, and preparing for the sales environment.

A man is reacting to something he didn’t expect

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