For most salespeople, prospecting is a requirement of the role. It is the most difficult part of the selling process. In today’s technology driven world you have a very difficult time reaching your identified prospects. You call them, they don’t answer because they don’t recognize your phone number. If you leave a voice mail message it better be the most compelling message delivered that peaks your prospects interest, but then will they call you back. Probably not.

 Sending an email is really diminishing your chances to reach your prospect. You see how many emails you get when you turn your head. Your prospect is no different and probably gets many more emails. Your email will get lost in the noise and may never even get read. Sending texts if you are fortunate enough to have your prospects cell phone number is risky, especially if this is your first attempt to connect with your prospect. They may view it as an unwelcome intrusion to their mobile device.

 However, you don’t know how any of these attempts to make a connection to your prospect will be received and you should try all options. The key here is, what is the communication preference of the person you are attempting to reach? Some people are just not phone call people. Some are only email communicators although my experience is this is just too noisy in today’s business world. Take a chance on text and hope you don’t offend the person. Regardless of any of the methods you try, make sure you have an extremely compelling message you deliver with each channel. If it is compelling enough that resonates with your prospect, you stand a better than average chance for some type of response. It may take several attempts but deliver a compelling reason why your prospect should speak with you.

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Yes, I reply to all forms of communication.