You started your business some time ago and you made it past the 3 to 5 years most new businesses fail. Congratulations and now you need to turn your attention to taking your business to the next level. Whether that means adding employees, equipment, or expanding your market, what does it take to accomplish this next step in your business?

It is now the time to work “On” your business and not “In” your business. You will never completely remove yourself from working “In” your business, but you must now take time out of your very busy day to focus on planning and strategy to take your business to the next level.

 If your level of expertise and ability to address the areas that you need to develop and establish are not strong, consider reaching out to the many resources and experts that can help you. Do not try to muddle through taking the next step alone. You have worked hard to get to the where you are now, and you don’t want any setbacks. You want to continue with the momentum that you have established and move forward with your business.

 The two areas that will take you to the next level are Sales and Marketing. If you have been the sole provider of revenue for your organization, you need to consider if that is sustainable or do you need to seek a sales professional to grow revenue. If you are the salesperson you might want to reach out for some Sales Performance Coaching to help accelerate sales.

Marketing is such a broadly defined area and where you spend your marketing dollars is important. You may have done some things with social media and may not have seen the results you expect at this early stage. Where you go from here is important and, again, there are many experts out there that can help you.

I suggest that you take a step back and look at all the options for marketing your business and develop a marketing plan, if you haven’t done so already. Taking the time to consult with someone who can open your eyes to all the possibilities based on your market, your product or service, and how to get to the next level, will help you get to the next level faster and with less money spent.

If you would like to discuss your situation and how you might get to the next level in your business, contact me at 904.472.3706, or email me at robert@getinthegamese.com