How Will You Finish Up Strong?

June 2016

 As I write this post, we are One Week away from July 1st and the first half of 2016 is in the books. How did you do with your Sales results?

 If you have a Sales Pipeline full of Quality Prospects yet you can’t seem to get people moving, get them to respond, or close the deal, it’s not too late to finish strong. Even if you have had a terrific first half of 2016, don’t rest on your success. You can still improve your results and finish at the top of your game.

 I talk with and work with many types of business and the common theme is “It’s Tough Out There”. “My sales numbers are way down”. “I can’t get my prospects to respond to my phone calls or emails”. “My people just aren’t hitting their numbers.” These are just a few comments I hear with sales people and business owners and there are specific reasons that they are experiencing these situations. It’s not that their people don’t have the right amount of product knowledge. It’s not that they are not making sales calls or doing as much as they know what to do.

 It is that the prospects and the environment in which you sell has changed and you may not have adjusted your approach. By evaluating what you are doing that isn’t working and making some adjustments with your sales approach, you can improve you results and see progress in a relatively short period of time.

 Let me know if you need some help and I will provide a complimentary “Effectiveness Evaluation” for you and your business and if we have an opportunity to work together, you will finish 2016 feeling good and on the right path in your Sales career.