Sales & Marketing Together Again – The Launch of “Out Of Time”

outoftime_final1In the fast paced 21st Century business environment, we suggest you stop and take time to plan, evaluate, and improve your marketing, branding and sales approach. Robert Zinsser & Daniel Narvaez have partnered to co-author a book addressing the need to be more effective in your Marketing, Branding and Sales Effectiveness. A Book Launch was held on November 11th and video excerpts from that workshop will be released soon.

The timing is right for a book that addresses the need to slow down and focus on the important things that can help you or your organization to be effective in the “noisy” world that we live in. If you have spent even a minute in an organization large or small, one thing that you would have observed across the board is the frantic pace at which everyone, including the CEO seems to be moving. From my observation, it is because we have instant communication and a need to react as a result of technology. So, how do we manage in this world of “not enough time” to get to all the things that require our attention on a daily basis? The overall theme of the book “Out Of Time” is to recognize and address the things that are not getting done as a result of us not having enough time to get to it all. Make a commitment to take time to plan your marketing efforts and all the details involved. Do a better job at preparing for your sales approach and all of the key things that you need to be doing in the environment in which we are selling our products or services. With this book, you can go to a specific chapter to learn about that topic and come away with the information that you need to improve your performance.

Stay tuned for upcoming material, workshops, speaking engagements, and more ideas as we enter the market to address the issue of always being “Out Of Time”.

Visit to learn more about the book “Out of Time” or to order your copy.