REMEMBERING SIMPLER TIMES I often think about my Childhood

I grew up in a very traditional family environment. My mother did not work. My father went to work everyday and came home for dinner consistently just after 5 PM. We sat down to a full course dinner as a family and had conversations about our day. We did not have social media (not even imagined) or even a lot of TV. We had three basic channels ABC, CBS, and NBC and now there are over 800 channels to choose from for entertainment. Life was pretty simple. You went to school, came home, and did your homework, had dinner, and maybe watched a show on TV or two.

 The things that I see in today’s world were only an unprobeable dream but here we are in 2023. Instant information, pictures on a cell phone, video chat with people from anywhere, flying cars are being tested. I am still amazed at what we have at our fingertips and still evolving. Don’t get me wrong, I love what technology has done to our society, but I still think back to a simpler time where you sat on the front porch and had a conversation with family, friends, and neighbors.

I pray that my children and grandchildren can experience the importance of talking to one another on a porch or at the dinner table and hold on to the importance of talking face to face, spending time talking about your day and keeping the technology to where and when it is necessary. My area of expertise in Sales has changed as well and if you want to discuss what challenges you are experiencing in today’s business world, I would welcome the conversation. Send me an email or text me at 904.472.3706.