It’s not always just about Money

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have experienced a co-worker or a manager making a comment about something extra that you did or what a great job you did. How did that make you feel as you went about your day? Recognition for a job well done is not required but it sure goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated. The fact that you make a sincere comment for a job well done is very important in lifting people up and shows the person that someone cares and is noticing your work. I have embarked on a project to implement a recognition program in my role at my company and have been doing some research on the subject. I want to establish a culture of engaged employees that enjoy their work and feel appreciated for their work. Visible recognition and awards are important for individual and team effectiveness. Certain people really enjoy getting the “trophy” and can drive amazing results. Retention can be improved by simply recognizing people and showing how much their work is contributing to the success of the organization. Yes, we do work for money in order to support our families but the day to day recognition helps keep the employee engaged in doing a little bit more. It has been stated in some surveys that employees that are provided recognition in a special way are less likely to leave an organization for a couple dollars an hour more. It doesn’t take much to put together a visible recognition program at your organization but do it the right way and you can experience some amazing results.