PURPOSE How Am I Contributing to my Company?

People show up to work so they can get paid to support themselves. At some point, if this is the ONLY reason they are coming to work, they will go elsewhere for the same or more money. Why is that? It happens because they don’t know what difference they are making with the work they are doing.

 If they didn’t show up to work for a period of time, would it make a difference to anyone? If yes, then certainly communicate to them the value they bring, the difference they make, their purpose in the organization. The organization has a responsibility that lies with the Managers to clearly and specifically communicate regularly to their people, the purpose of their role and how it contributes to the organization’s success.

 The Action taken, the Value that was supported, and the Impact it had. Being aware of what each of your people are accomplishing is so important. Have you heard anyone ever say “My Manager doesn’t even know what I do.” I have heard that way too often. When you actively communicate the persons purpose their work takes on meaning and they most likely will do it with some passion.

Take the time to discuss your employees purpose. You might see an improvement in the atmosphere of your department or company. If you would like to discuss with me in detail, contact me at 904.472.3706 or email me at robert@getinthegamese.com

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