Differentiate Yourself as a Salesperson

Let’s face it, your prospects are harder and harder to get to. Maybe it’s because they know you want to sell them something, anything. Of course, you do want to make a sale but how can you provide even greater value than the problem or issue your product or service is going to solve?

I suggest, position yourself as a resource, a subject matter expert in your prospects mind. Now I’m not suggesting that you try and be an expert about everything. I suggest that you pick the one, two or three things that the market you are addressing in your business and learn all you can and then pass it along to those that you are trying to deal with. It wouldn’t hurt that you pass it along to clients that you have as well. Taking this approach not only differentiates you from all the other sales people but it sets you up as a resource for your clients and prospects.

It gives you an opportunity to stay top of mind with people when the sales cycle is long and you may be in between sales. You will be more welcome in your approach if you have something of value to share along with solving problems for your customers.

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