This is a question I asked all my clients at some point during our initial conversation. Most businesses have already defined what they think “up” is and I am there to explore if it can be “higher”. This may mean taking some action to adjust what they are already doing, becoming more effective at approaching their market and closing more business, or adding a new way to do things. Whatever it is, I always want to test if there could be more revenue produced.

If a business owner is “comfortable” with the money he or she is making with the business, the conversation may be a bit shorter. However, there are not too many business owners that are satisfied with what they are generating in their business.

 When you are wrapped up in your business for any length of time, I have observed, that you may need to have an independent, outside source evaluate your current situation and market presence and provide ideas on how you might grow your business, as it applies to sales and your company’s performance.

 How do you go about what seems to be a daunting task? You engage with a Sales Performance Professional that can evaluate all aspects and details of what your current performance is, given all the resources you have in people and systems that you now employ and receiving a recommendation for what “could be”. The evaluation should explore many areas of the business to look for small things here and there, or one big thing that could take your business to the next level that you never knew existed.

 I know what you are saying, “I don’t have time to look at this right now”. Well, you will never have time to look at this in the proper perspective. Is more revenue for your organization not important enough to set aside a minimal amount of time to explore? If you do not focus on the possibilities for you, as a business owner, and your organization, what you are demonstrating is that you are comfortable with the status quo and you are not interested in what could be. You must commit to yourself, as a business owner, to take the time to find some gold and see if “Up” is now higher.

 All you need to do is schedule some time for an interview type meeting to explore what you and your organization is doing presently and consider if you are willing to take your business to the next level. Contact me at or call 904 472.3706.

I would welcome an opportunity to see how high “UP’ is with your business.