I have been watching more movies than usual and I recently saw “The Founder” starring Michael Keaton who is an awesome character actor. The movie takes you through Ray Kroc’s life starting out as a road warrior salesperson (you got my attention now) peddling milkshake mixers, pretty unsuccessfully.

Ray Kroc drove the country for weeks trying to make a sale with no success, according to the storyline. He experienced a ton of “NO’s” and I’m sure felt so much rejection and frustration which was depicted in the film. Have you experienced the kind of rejection that is nonstop and constant? You begin to question why you are doing this and I know Ray Kroc was feeling this. What would you do – continue beating your head against the wall or change something?

 Persistence led to Ray Kroc’s first order while on the road and was in total disbelief when he heard the size of the order for milkshake mixers. When he contacted the restaurant that ordered them to clarify the obvious mistake, he was introduced to his new business opportunity.

 The message that I came away with from this film was – PERSISTENCE. It is so important in Sales and it is one area that most salespeople lack. Giving up is easy but being persistent is hard and takes patience and perseverance. If you believe in the solution that your product or service provides, stick with it. Ray Kroc was passionate about how his milkshake mixers were a good solution to a high volume restaurant but he hadn’t found it until the McDonald brothers called him with their first order. The rest is history !!!!!!

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