Are leaders born? No, and I know that our behavior, our personality, our DNA is molded as we grow based largely on our surroundings. Leaders are born when they demonstrate the skills to rally people around them to execute the task. Your behavior is the foundation with which you will develop those skills. Leaders will be decisive, outgoing, persistent, and ensure accuracy. There are people in every organization that have those behaviors and identifying them is important. Once they prove themselves in taking on tasks and observing them in a team setting, you probably should encourage them to participate in some type of Leadership Development program. Do you have something in place to develop your next leaders? Leadership ultimately leads to the success of individuals, teams, and the organization. The best leaders are more than bosses who tell and direct their employees what to do. Great leaders co-create a shared purpose for their teams and empower them to do great work. Leadership involves mentoring, coaching, inspiring and facilitating that creates environments of collaboration and support. In my humble opinion, a leader that is cultivated from within the organization is much more effective than bringing in an outsider to “take over the reigns”. This is however only if you have the person inside the organization that is capable of leading and has demonstrated many successes along the way. Something else to consider…….

I recently saw a quote that resonated with me.

“True Leaders Don’t Create Followers. They Create More Leaders.”


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