Lead Nurturing means a lot of different things and I will provide information on the many ways that it can be utilized and what it can provide to the salesperson. It is a diligent and planned approach to gaining an audience with a prospective client. It is positioning yourself as a resource that will provide ideas, information, and share market intelligence with your prospective new client. Top Of Mind Awareness is something that has been discussed for many years but it is even more important in today’s noisy business world. In sales, unless you are selling in an environment where there is one quick encounter and a close, you are attempting many contacts with your prospect and trying a lot of different approaches. Even if there is interest in you and your product or service, the prospect is not yet ready to buy. It is important that you stay “Top Of Mind” with your prospect by staying in touch with ideas, information and things that are important to your prospect and his or her organization.

Lead Nurturing is delivered through many different and unique vehicles. Some of those are through emails, although noisy, it is quick, convenient and has staying power. Things sent through the good old fashion US Mail and this can include information from a magazine or newspaper publication. It can also consist of something very unique and attention getting like a box of cookies or candy that has a message attached “it sure would be “sweet” to have a few minutes to talk or meet”. How about another oldy but goody, a greeting card delivered in the mail that is unexpected and delivers thanks, gratitude and appreciation, nothing more.

The approach to a lead nurturing campaign is designed specifically for the person, the organization and the market that the organization resides. It is very specific and addresses issues, challenges, regulations, competition, and ideas that you come across and search for when planning your campaign. It is not a set “to do” list that can be used for every situation or across all prospects.

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