I came across a podcast from a well known Sales Expert – Jeb Blount and Sales Gravy that hit a nerve with me and others that I work with and I thought I would share the advice with my Social Network. Kaizen is an age-old concept that many around the world have adopted in light of continuous improvement and the theory around it.

 I know that this theory and practice can contribute to a Sales career in continuously improving skills and building the sales pipeline each day. Focus on doing the things that will pay off over time through continuous development of the things that will contribute to your success. Skills and Prospects are the two areas that I know will lead to a healthy career and business.

Continuous improvement involves additional things that you should pursue. If you are focused on a specific industry or many industries, take the time to learn what is going on in those industries and possibly affecting your prospects. Enter the initial approach or ongoing conversations acknowledging the issues that your prospects or clients are facing and potentially tie a solution to the issue. If there is no direct solution, at least you communicate that you are knowledgeable with the issues they face.

Aside from knowledge of your markets, issues, and developments, be sure you are sharpening your skills and spending time to develop compelling messages and things that you personally bring to the table with prospects. When it comes down to it, people do business with YOU and your company second. Prepare stories and examples of situations where you delivered success with clients.

 Continuous Improvement and focus on what you can do to improve YOU is key to a successful sales career.

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