What do you do when you, as the business owner, has spent money for a coach to work with your employees or you are doing the coaching yourself and it is very apparent that the employee is not taking their need to improve seriously? They say all the right things when you are coaching them and doing all the things in the coaching sessions that you have them demonstrate. However, when they go back to their job and you observe that they are not using the things provided to help them and not making improvement in their performance.

How do you address this with them in a diplomatic way? Do you call them out and say I know you are not taking this seriously you better start or you’re out of here?

Of course, this approach will not work, at least not in the first meeting to address the issue and is not suggested. I do suggest a direct approach to address the employee’s observed behavior and if you are the coach that was hired to help this person, I would suggest that you, their manager, and the employee convene to have a very specific conversation. In preparing for this meeting, you will want to have the things that need corrected identified and specifics documented. If what they are being coached for is something new and possibly outside the scope of their key role, recognize that and explain why they are being asked to develop this new skill.

 Document, document, document. Ask if they “can” do what you are asking them to do and then shut up and let them answer that question. Ask them “will’ they do what is being asked of them and again, shut up and let them talk. If they answer “yes” to both of those questions, then you now deliver what is expected and the fact that you will be checking in often to see progress. If they answer “no” to either or both of those questions, I trust you know what needs to be done. Not necessarily letting them go but what to do and what the conversation now needs to be.

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