HOW ARE YOUR SALES CALLS WITH PROSPECTS GOING? “Do you get Invited Back to Continue the Conversation?”

I think we can all agree that the toughest part of engaging with a new prospect is getting a face-to-face meeting or a conference call scheduled. Let us assume you have achieved that and there are several reasons that the prospect agreed to take time to speak with you in the first place but, that is a whole separate topic.

 Your appointment is set and now it is time to shine. Preparation for this meeting that you have worked so long and hard to get is critical. What are some of things you should do? First and foremost, do some extensive research on your prospect and their company, industry, and market. All the information you could ever want is at your fingertips and keyboard.

 Confirm with your prospect prior to the day and time of the meeting the purpose of the meeting and a preliminary agenda. (keep it brief and high-level) Provide focus and show respect for your prospects time. Ask your prospect for any input they have in what they want to get out of the meeting and include that in the final agenda.

Now that you have prepared for the meeting, there are some additional and important considerations. Set the stage with the person(s) with whom you are meeting that this is their meeting and you welcome questions and inquiries into a particular topic during the meeting. You want engagement from your prospect and not for them to sit back and consume the information you are providing. Provide a story that will spark some ideas, perspectives and hopefully inspire your prospect to think differently and hopefully act.

 Focus on setting the stage and moving toward collaboration with your prospect and check in with them periodically during the discussion to gauge your progress.

If you take this approach suggested, I know you will see an increase in quality prospects and a strong pipeline that you can move forward toward a closed sale.

 If you would like to discuss details of this approach further, I would welcome your contact by email or phone call,  904.472.3706