HOW ABOUT WE COMMUNICATE MORE What Works Best Based on the Situation?

We have so many more ways to communicate with one another than we did not too long ago. Voice mail, Email, Texts, are ways that we communicate, and each involve different ways to receive the message. I know that certain individuals prefer to communicate with maybe one or two of these. My experience is that the telephone is the least preferred method.

I have experienced spending a week or more trying to schedule a meeting with someone that knows me or is familiar with the intent of my contact. Why??? A simple phone call that can happen to communicate what is needed and what we are both trying to accomplish will put an end to back and forth emails or texts.

 With my clients I always set with them their preferred method of communication. Is it email, phone or text? This is for general communication but when the situation requires something different don’t be hesitant to ask for a phone call. I know the phone is the last choice for communication for some people, but it can be more effective than the other options.

 The important point in utilizing the many ways to communicate is to accelerate the communication so that the issue you are addressing can be resolved or action taken can occur quickly. Sitting idle waiting for someone to reply to an email or a text can be frustrating, and it does not provide the proper urgency needed. Yes, sometimes an email or text is appropriate but make the decision when you see that a phone call may be more appropriate based on the situation.

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