You may have tried some creativity in getting your prospects attention and open an opportunity to communicate further. What do I mean by being creative? I mean do something that stands out from all of the noise your prospect experiences.

 I worked for a manager that was the king of creative. He would send a box of candy to the person he was trying to connect with and attach a message “It would sure be sweet if we could talk.” Both of us got into the act and would send a box, envelope, something delivered in person, that would get opened with a message that would put a smile on our prospects face and hopefully give us a better chance of getting our phone calls taken.

 Here’s an idea, send a hand written greeting card with an effective message to accept a call or a small item that gets a smile and asking for a chance to connect. I once sent a custom designed greeting card with my prospects picture and the logo of his company with a message stating how much I enjoyed his presentation at a meeting I attended. When I called him after he received the card (who doesn’t open a card addressed to them) he took my call and commented how unique my card was and it turned into a $20,000 sale.

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