Facebook and Business Owner Frustration

How Can I Get Facebook Fans to Spend Money?

 Many business owners are frustrated, out of time, and not getting what they need from social media, specifically Facebook. Most businesses have a Facebook page but what is it doing to get people to come and spend money with them? With all of the social media platforms out there, Facebook is by far the largest with 1.71 Billion Monthly Users and 4.5 Billion “Likes” Daily, so we will keep this discussion to focus on Facebook. If you are not active as a business owner on Facebook then the first thing you need to do is get with it. Facebook, regardless of what you think, has traffic and a lot of users.

Let’s look at what the “best” you can do as a business owner on Facebook. Spend time writing tons of content, regularly to gain attraction to your Facebook page. Push out a request to “LIKE” your page. Hope and pray that people who see your post and “Like” your page actually come to your business and spend money. That approach is where the frustration comes in. It is hoping and praying that the Facebook of your business brings in people to spend money. Well I don’t know about you but hoping and praying doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

I would rather take a proactive approach to engaging and driving customers to my business. How can you as a business owner do that? By capturing the “customer experience” with your business and having them post it on Facebook in the moment of the experience. Sharing “in the moment” posts to Facebook and taking advantage of the “selfie” popularity in today’s consumer social media posts can provide business owners with traffic and valuable connections and data to help them grow their business. There are some solutions in the market to help you accomplish this and I would be happy to introduce to them. Call me at 904.472.3706 or send me an email: robert@getinthegamese.com and we can talk about your situation.

We live in a crowded marketplace but you can’t afford to sit it out, because odds are fairly high, that your competition is there. Use Facebook marketing as engaging as you can and make sure your efforts stand out from the crowd.