As this year winds down, I reflected on what I have accomplished in 2023 and even more important, my professional career. I was very fortunate when I graduated with my degree in Business Administration to have a job on Monday following my Sunday graduation commencement.

I gained a lot of experience in a short period of time and developed some valuable habits that I still use today. Some of which are good follow up, a sense of urgency, and documentation of details to name a few. All of these habits served me well during my career, mostly in Sales, and I continue to use these habits.

 The cool thing is that I get to work with Small Business Owners and Sales Professionals on their story and what makes them unique. I have always taken the approach in communicating what is unique about what I do and how to differentiate yourself when working with clients.

 It is a noisy world and you need to stand out from the crowd no matter what it is that you do. What is your story and what makes you unique? It is important that you incorporate “your story” in your compelling message delivered to your prospect. It must contain a reference to something that will help your prospect in a genuine way. Craft your story and share it with your prospects as it gives your prospect a window into you and your accomplishments but shows that you are genuine and have experience in helping your prospect/client to address and solve issues.

 If you need help with developing your story, please email me at robert@getinthegamese.com or call my cell 904.472.3706 and I’d be happy to work with you.