: Dugout Club for Retail Prospects

I have worked in Retail during my work at Get In The Game SE and I have written much about something that I am passionate about when it comes to the “EXPERIENCE” with retail businesses.
If you are a retail business owner you need to take note of this message. What type of experience are you and ALL of your employees providing to the people that walk into your business? It doesn’t matter whether you are a restaurant, a clothing store, or a hardware store. Any business that has people walking into your location can benefit from this message.
What are your patrons experiencing from the interaction with your employees? Is your store clean, organized, and welcoming so that your shoppers are enjoying their experience? Are your employees making an effort to help your shoppers and expressing a welcoming and “thank you for shopping with us” communication?
If not, I can tell you that you are at risk and you will not see repeat business from those shoppers. Consumers have many choices to purchase what you are offering and that includes walking into a store and shopping on-line. I have worked in many retail environments and have provided some insight and results in making the retail “experience” exceptional and making changes that get people to notice and motivate them to return.
I will work with you and your staff to provide an exceptional experience so you will gain regular customers that rave about your business. This can be done by joining the Dugout Club. Take action now so you can begin delivering an experience that grows your business……. Call me at 904.472.3706 or send me an email to robert@getinthegamese.com. I look forward to exploring how I can help and setting you up with the proper level in the Dugout Club !!!