Dear CEO, Is Your Organization Positioned with Every Touch Point to “Delight” Your New Customers?


When a new potential customer comes in contact with your organization, after all the marketing you’ve done to attract them, what is their experience? Is it everything that your marketing message has delivered? Is it even a positive experience? I will tell you and you know this as well, there are many choices that the consumer has for whatever it is that they are interested in purchasing. It doesn’t matter if it is a meal at a restaurant, a product at a retail store, or even a service you provide. There is something else out in the market that has the same or similar thing that you provide.

What differentiates you is the experience that the potential new consumer has when they engage you to do business.

How effective are your people with those new visitors, leads, or prospects in engaging them and turning them into new customers and providing them an exceptional experience? The performance of your people who come in contact with those new potential customers is the difference between growing your business and spending a lot of money on marketing that does not deliver the necessary return on investment that you anticipated.

If those new potential customers are calling your business for the first time, what is their experience? Thank you for calling us, I’m here to help or hello, what do you want? Very subtle but very telling in the message you are sending. When new customers walk into your retail store for the first time what is their experience? Is the staff engaging and friendly? Are the shelves organized and is the store clean and inviting? What is the total experience from the time your new customer walks in the door until they exit the store? Pay attention to all the touch points because it does matter.

Let’s look at the leads you get from your website or on-line engagement. How are those inquiries and requests for more information handled?  It is extremely important that you respond to any on-line inquiries as soon as they are received and certainly quickly. Responding to on-line inquires whenever someone in your office can get time to address those inquires is not an approach that will provide you with success in converting those inquiries into new customers.

Let’s talk briefly about the words being delivered by your employees. This is from a personal pet peeve of mine that has become a common response from people in general. When a customer says “thank you for……” what is the response from your employees? Is it “my pleasure or your welcome, or yes? Is it the phrase that I hate with a passion – “No Problem”. Can we break this habit response and say something, anything else other than no problem?

How easy it is to do business with your company? Take time to evaluate all the steps that your customers must take to engage, process and become new customers with you and your business. You might find that you could make some minor changes to make it easy to do business with you. Remember, people have many choices and the effort they must go through to do business with their many choices does matter.

If you would welcome an evaluation of your business and what “experiences” you are providing contact me – or call 904.472.3706.