A while ago, I did extensive research on how recognition contributes to developing a culture that is healthy and productive in any company. In my research, I uncovered that the two are very much related and found more topics on the subject involving both. Why should an organization care about the culture of their company and taking time to recognize their people for a job well done? After all, you pay them and provide them all the things they need to live a pretty good life. If this is your stance, you are missing so much potential for your company and your people to do so much more. 

Culture is built starting with an atmosphere of Recognition. Taking time to go out of your way to recognize a person for their special effort or accomplishment. An employee that is appreciated will tend to continue to do exceptional work. Closely associated with this is establishing and then communicating the Purpose of the organization and how each employee contributes to that purpose.

 Next is providing an opportunity for each employee to develop new skills through professional development programs. Opportunity also is identifying those in your organization that might be potential leaders or take on additional roles. Caring about the employee’s well-being is important and especially because there is still a lot of stress and uncertainty in the world right now.

 Diversity and inclusion is a piece that has been discussed a lot but, as it applies to the employees of an organization, it is critical that employees are recognized for their diverse background and what they bring to the table and of course, being invited to the table. All of these pieces, when done effectively will lead to a thriving culture. I will be writing and posting more on this topic so stay tuned.

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