In this very noisy world we live in, what is going to break through and gain your prospects attention? You must realize that there are so many others trying to get the attention of the person you have identified as your main point of contact in selling your product or service. How will you gain the attention initially and do it in a compelling way that gets your prospect to respond or at least entertain your attempts to gain their attention? You must deliver a compelling message that gets their attention, delivers an intriguing reason to take action, and breaks through the noise that others are delivering.

You must position your product or service as something that addresses a challenge, improves their current situation, or solves a particular problem they are experiencing. You may say, how do I know what they may be dealing with without actually speaking with them? Do your homework on the company they work for, the industry that they are in or something occurring in general. With all of the information at your fingertips, there is no excuse for not picking up on something that you can present as a challenge. Craft a few compelling messages that you can communicate and deliver them in a unique way. Email tends to contribute to the noise going on.

 Try something old fashion by sending a handwritten note that will get opened and read. Something that is an attention getter like a box of chocolates with a message. i.e. “It sure would be sweet if we could connect.” Get very creative and you may just get a smile and an appointment.

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