Changing The Way You Sell

Are you having a difficult time getting to the prospects in your assigned territory or engaging people that you have identified as good prospects for your product or service?

How long have you been with the organization you work for or have you been in sales for more than 10 years and still approaching things the same way?

Have you considered that you might have to take a completely different approach with your sales approach?

Let’s look at the environment in which us Sales Professionals must function and exist in today’s market place no matter what product or service you are selling. You spend a lot of time trying to get someone to respond to your voice mail and email messages. You are frustrated that no one seems to want to engage in conversation, let alone spend time meeting with you. What can you do to get people to engage in conversation?

First of all, if you answered “yes” to the second question posed at the beginning of this post, you might want to look at how you are approaching your prospects. You might want to consider a few new things with the way you sell. Are you actively engaged in Social Media? Being engaged is different than having a LinkedIn Profile or a Professional Facebook set up. It means being active in posting, sharing, and positioning yourself as a valued contributor to discussions and subject matter that people value.

Second, when you do communicate with a prospective client, what are you communicating? Is it all about you or is it valuable content on trends affecting your clients market, the overall market that you serve, or important business issues? I suggest that you take a step back and think about how your approach is landing on your audience. There is so much information out there that your prospects are being inundated with that you must find a way to stand out in the crowd and gain the attention of those you are trying to engage.

Social Media, Compelling Messages, Creative Approaches, and Positioning yourself as a Value Added Resource to your Prospects will help you to adjust to the crowded environment that we all face in Sales.

Take a Moment to reflect on your approach and you might see a need to change. If you need help with any of this, contact me and we’ll explore your situation.