The Business Owner Is Wondering Why the Revenue Is Not Growing – You Are at Risk

I would suggest that your responsibility as a Marketing & Advertising provider is to be aware and ask the questions of your clients, “Are you seeing an increase in your revenue as a result of the people we are driving to your business?” Your natural reaction is, “I don’t want to ask that. That’s just an opportunity for my client to say “no” and that would be bad.” I understand the reluctance to open a can of worms that might put your relationship with your client in jeopardy. However, you will be at risk in the future so why not ask the question early on and have the client consider it while you are in a position to start a conversation. Bring the likely issue to the attention of your client in not having the right people, presence, or experience to close the business that you are driving to them. I’ve seen it happen many times that the client blames the marketing and advertising, that they are spending a sizeable amount of money on, for not working and terminating the relationship. Many time’s it is the ability of the client in not providing the best experience possible in their retail store, not having the people skilled in dealing with new leads for the business, or just a total lack of being able to sell. By purposely inquiring into whether or not the business is growing as a result of your efforts and suggesting that the client might look at what is occurring when these new leads approach their business in all the possible ways, you will be seen as a true business partner, not just a vendor who is getting paid for a service.
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