BUILD IT AND THEY WILL NOT COME Small Business Owner’s Listen Up

I’ve experienced and heard from others that when a Business Owner starts their business, they think that focusing on marketing is the answer to driving new business. Yes, that is important, but it doesn’t stop there. Sales Prospecting is critical and you must address all prospect facing outlets. If you have a website that attracts prospects to your business, how are you engaging with those visitors? If you are a retail establishment, how are visitors being serviced? First, identify who your ideal prospect is and then develop a Compelling Message to deliver to your prospects.

When building your business, you should consider building relationships through networking events in your market. Keep in mind you are NOT selling people that you meet at the event but you are building relationships on the road to gaining their trust. In building the pipeline for prospects, what tool will you use? Something simple like a list or a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Most important have you thought about and established a Sales Process that is unique to your business? Take time to consider it whether you have a quick one call/retail store engagement or if you have a multi-step process that involves many steps in order to close a sale.

 No matter what business you are in, you must establish and continually monitor the Experience that you are delivering. Every touch point must be perfect. This involves all touch points like telephone calls, website visits, retail store visits, and the Associates that are providing that experience.

Just because you establish a business, does not mean that people will automatically show up. Do your marketing but when the prospect shows up, make sure you are ready.

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