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If you a Sales Professional and have spent any amount of time with email and social media, you have experienced an incredible amount of “noise”. If you, like me, are trying to break through that noise and get your message across, let alone, get someone to “pause” for a split second to notice you and your message, it is extremely difficult. “What is old is new again” in this noisy environment that we try to do business. I suggest that it is not only the method of delivery but the message itself.


Think about this, everything that is noisy is communicated through electronic media. What about delivering your message via something that will get opened, will stand out, and will most likely not get deleted or thrown out. It may even prompt a phone call because it is so different. Here is where “what is old is new again” comes in. Think about the last time you received an unexpected piece of mail. No not the flyers, credit card solicitations, bills, junk mail. Something that was addressed to you that fit none of those annoying categories.


That envelope went to the top of the pile of the other stuff. What was your reaction, even when it is your birthday and you expect to get a card from someone? What about a note to say thank you, I was thinking about you, I appreciate your friendship? What would be your reaction and emotion when you finished reading that greeting card?


So, the method of delivery of your message is a good old fashion greeting card. The message is one of gratitude, appreciation, and heartfelt expression. Do you think you might get a response or even a reaction of – Wow Thank You? I am betting you will.


In this world we live in, I suggest that you will find that taking a different approach to developing relationships in this manner will give you an edge and you will break through all the noise out there.


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Get some GAME.