Set Yourself Apart From The Noise

April 2016


Do you find it difficult to get a response from your business associates when  trying to connect, approach, engage with them? With all of the social media, email, and massive amount of information flowing in today’s business world, how do you get someone’s attention?

I contend that you approach it with an act of appreciation and a connection that is personal.

Picture this – you go to your mailbox, which you do every day, and you reach in and pull out the bundle of mail. You immediately look at what you received that day and after you identify the bills, junk mail and flyers, you notice a a personalized envelope addressed to you. You expect to get bills, junk mail and flyers but, this piece of mail is different and unexpected. Which piece of mail do you open first?


There are a multitude of ways to communicate with each other. Email seems to be taking over.   I don’t know about you but if I turn my head I have 35-50 new emails that show up in my inbox.  How many of those emails do you actually read?   If you and I met, we had a great discussion and really connected, and I want to send you a note of appreciation, is email the most effective method or does it get overlooked?  Can I communicate my appreciation for meeting with me and take the business relationship that we started to the next level through an email.  What about taking the same time involved to create a greeting card with a personal message that will invoke emotion when it arrives and gets opened.

The power of delivering words of appreciation and sincere, personal messages will go a long way in developing a relationship that is important enough to express gratitude. Expressions of appreciation and gratitude are scarce in today’s business and a high quality, personalized greeting card is rarer still.  But, who has time to go to the card store, purchase card, write out a note, find a stamp and place it in the mail?


Well, as you might imagine in the world of technology, there is a way to create and send a card in a matter of minutes from your smartphone or computer without leaving the comfort of your car, house, or office. Add pictures, graphics, images, and your heart felt message to connect with people. Show appreciation without an expectation of getting anything in return and you will be successful in developing strong, long lasting, personal relationships.  For years I have worked on developing ways to deepen relationships with my business associates and prospects, I have found that greeting cards are by far the most effective way to connect with people.  They are personal, powerful and different and they separate you from the masses.