ACCOUNTABILITY WITH SALESPEOPLE How do You Hold Them Accountable without Alienating Them?

All Sales Groups have goals that are set in order to meet the revenue goals of the organization. Hopefully those goals are realistic, as set by Management. That is another topic for another day. Revenue is pretty important to the organization, so how do you make sure these goals are being met? You need to motivate but also have accountability for each and every sales professional.

 Some managers have very different ideas on how to hold people accountable. I take a very different approach. My approach is very effective as it identifies the issue of why goals are not being met. Identifying if it is a knowledge issue, a sales prospecting issue, or a lack of motivation issue. If it is a knowledge issue, I can fix that. If it is a prospecting issue, I can coach to that. If it is a motivation issue, then we will have a more in-depth conversation.

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