What is the First Impression of Your Client when a New Customer Experiences Them? It is Critical that Every Touch Point is Outstanding


Have you ever walked into a retail store and immediately noticed the atmosphere, organized shelves, cleanliness, and engaging staff that were genuinely welcoming? What about making that phone call to a company and you are greeted with an attitude and what do you want, you are interrupting me but it’s my job to answer the phone. First impressions in this highly competitive business world is still as important as they were since the beginning of time. I realize that your services stop at bringing new customers to your clients but I suggest that you might explore what those new customers are experiencing when they show up at your client’s place of business. What do you care? You are doing your job in delivering on your promise and agreement with your client.

Your client is spending a lot of money with you to bring them new business. You are doing everything you were contracted to do. Your client is so busy they assume everything is good on their end, but it’s not. Without an awareness of what might be right with their organization, you will not have that client for very long. They will either fire you because revenue is not growing, or God forbid, they may go out of business because they are not providing outstanding service, a great customer experience, or bad service. You can help with bringing to their attention that things are not what they should be. I can help you with that and work with your client to fix things that are not essential in growing their business and you get to keep a healthy client. Call me at 904.472.3706 or send me an email to set up a time to talk robert@getinthegamese.com.