Rex Ryan for Sales Manager

As you may have noticed I am a sports minded person and look to sports for a lot of “reality TV” and real life examples. I recently read an article about drawing comparisons to Rex Ryan, Head Football Coach of the NY Jets (I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan) and how his coaching qualities relate to those of good Sales Managers. He has a unconventional leadership style and that’s exactly why his players like him so much. 1.) He supports his players. He stands up for them in public and criticizes them privately. 2.) He does not take himself too seriously. He often makes cracks about his large frame to take the attention away from his players and team and puts it on him. 3.) He makes connections with his all his players. He gets to know each player and makes a connection and bonds with them. No matter how despaired the season gets, he always believes that each player would respond and turn things around. 4.) He has confidence in his players. When your coach has confidence in you, you want to work that much harder to make sure that you don’t let him down. 5.) He adapts to a proven system and duplicates it in a new environment. His accomplishments with the Baltimore Ravens (boooooo!!) with a defensive scheme that consistently placed the among the very best defenses. He brought elements of that system which paid off with a berth in the game one step from the Super Bowl. 6.) He tells the truth. He’s up front and honest with his players and they trust him so they follow him. He is a leader and has many good qualities of what would make a great Sales Manager.