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To be great at sales, you’re going to need more than one-off training – you’re going to need a coach.

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Is Your Current Sales Approach Working?

When a salesperson is struggling with their sales process, it has an effect on more than just your job. It can affect your team’s performance, your personal life, and much more.  With the recent economic slowdown that we have experienced, you will be required to deliver more to make up for any shortage in revenue for you or your company.

You should consider working with a sales coach if:

  • You are having difficulty getting prospects to reply or even engage with you.
  • Your sales seem to reach a certain point and then stall.
  • You are losing contact with leads who aren’t ready to buy yet.
  • Your sales calls, emails, or visits don’t have a structure or objective.

It’s time to get a game plan that works. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

When people are early in their sales careers, a sales training program might be very helpful to establish some foundational skills.

However, there are many sales training courses and webinars that attempt to get you to adopt their specific approach to selling. The problem with this is it assumes all salespeople function and sell the same.

That’s where sales coaching comes in. With a sales coach, your unique strengths and weaknesses as well as your stage in your selling career are all factored in. You get a customized plan for you rather than a plan you are expected to conform to.

Not every athlete needs the same workout routine. Not every salesperson needs the same process. Your sales process can be as unique as you are.

What is the Dugout Club?

The dugout club provides you with a personalized sales coach so you can improve your sales skills.

You need a coach who will help you improve your sales game on and off the field. That’s why I launched the Dugout Club. In this ongoing coaching program, I help you create a sales plan based on your unique strengths and weaknesses, so when you’re on the field, you’re playing your A-Game.

It’s important to sharpen your skills both during your prime selling time as well as those “off-times” when you have a break from the pressures of the game. In The Dugout Club, I provide an affordable sales coach to help you gain new skills that will deliver results and give you a competitive edge in your career.

Like you, I know what it’s like to attend weekend sales training courses and realize that nothing significant has changed about my process. It’s frustrating to spend time and money on trying to improve but without seeing long-lasting results.

That’s why I created The Dugout Club. Over the last 35+ years, I have helped many different kinds of businesses in various stages improve their sales process through one-on-one coaching rather than one-off trainings.

If you are ready to improve your sales process, you’ll need more than just an “off-the-shelf” training session. You need a coach.

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